From the recording Scrubbing Sunshine


Scrubbing Sunshine
Shots erupt…
You were scrubbing sunshine from the dawn of a vision better left under lids…
Those Venus Flytraps…always starving for smiles, but dangerous all the same
Tears slow dance on a smoking barrel
And the shadow that leads me has interests I won’t control
All the would-have should-have is bruising me gently
So who will the kids admire?
Smiles…so revealing when rubbed away
Clean them…and who would the shy betray?
Who would the shy girl be?
Barricade at the gates of reason
And the air reeks of treason as brilliant minds collapse
We ponder method and death-bed instructions…I’m sure to look beautiful there
Pray to die and the world will loathe you
They will rise up and stone you…until your desires align
But if you seek freedom and it leads you to darkness
Who will the kids imitate?
Say “no” to everything