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  1. Song for a Coward

From the recording Song for a Coward


Foolish at best. Blew my top again. Out with the obvious…name your sin. Who would have
guessed? Wrote this one for you. After all…cowards must need love too. Burning this bridge...
but you didn’t raise your eyes up. I’m simply invisible…like your charm…I sleep. So who’s
gonna make your mind up today (while you play)? Gift wrap your time. Let me lick the spoon.
Flattery, flattery…oh so soon. Sew on a face…foggy and confused. You’re the one running,
but who got used? Burning this bridge is sure gonna break some hearts in. So cower in victory
behind borrowed skin. Regret’s gonna kick your door in. This routine is resistible. But there is
an antidote. Thought someone should let you know. Your bridge…so eager to let false pride
swim. A gentle dismissal if nothing more might’ve been kind. I guess that “goodbye” is a word
you have risen above. So cower in victory begging to never be loved.